Balls Hanging

Get over here and start sucking my smooth hanging balls.

I'd better help reduce the swelling so you can tuck him away before anyone notices.

You have to be kidding , Why would anyone mind .Anyway when your cock starts to grow and get hard it wants to come out in the fresh air and have a mouth or hand around it, What do you think ? Nice cock :)) Wish I could lick and suck on those balls and lick and suck that cock of yours sometime :)) So Nice and tasty :)) Mmmmmmmm, you got my mouth drooling. Wish i could blow you, all the way to completion, and nothing in return :-) I don't mind at all as long as you let me lick those gorgeous balls and suck on your massive cock! Definitely not.As long as you don't mind me taking it in my mouth and sucking it.