Balls Hanging

Get over here and start sucking my smooth hanging balls.

Let me hold that for you and guide it in my mouth. .

Slowly lick the tip all over with my tongue, feeling every part of your swollen head in my tongue. Then slowly put the tip in my mouth and gently suck it. Then fake as much of your hard cock in my mouth as I could and deep throat you while rubbing your balls. Then suck and stroke your cock until you are ready to cum, and you either cum in my mouth and let me swallow or shoot a nice load onto my tits. First i would lick all around the head.Downyour hard shaft to your balls l,then back up to your head so I can stick it it my warm mouth to suck you slow and deep. Rub it across my lips before taking it in my mouth and suck it. Waiting for you to shove it down my throat. I want my husband to watch me suck every drop of cum out of it! Then lick it clean. Suck on it and make it cum in my mouth. Several times. It looks so tasty.