Balls Hanging

Get over here and start sucking my smooth hanging balls.

So many places to 👅 . Conundrum! Honestly the obvious is amazing but those. IOS get mad respect as well! Nom nom.

They're perfect! I'd definitely start by licking them and sucking on them gently, then I'd slowly lick from the base of your shaft up to your head.Then fast little licks on your head and tip like a kitten lapping up milk, while I cup your balls in my hand and wrap it firmly around your shaft, moving up and down slowly.Hmm, what shall I do next? No! They certainly are not too big they are rather nice and the 1st thing I'd lick is right in between them nice size balls then up the shaft until i get to the tip then back down shaft sucking and licking both balls while stroking that big thick long cock. To be continued. ;- 0. Mmmm, that's a tough one.But I think I would like to lick on those big balls first and then move up your hard shaft to your swollen head.And of course I'd love to feel those balls against me as you enter me as deep as possible from behind. I would start at your sexy lips and work my way down with my warm, wet mouth and tongue. Of course not missing your earlobes and nipples before all of the rest 😉😘😛 Too big? Are you kidding? They are magnificent (as is your cock. WOW!) I would love to feel those slapping against my pussy as you pound me from behind, or pound my ass.