Balls Hanging

Get over here and start sucking my smooth hanging balls.

I may have to get me some rings, not sure where to get them though. :)

Thanks for the tip.I think mine are 50mm so will definitely get some 40mm ones. Only problem I find is after wearing them for a few hous, I have trouble getting them off again! Thanks for posting this. Some guys who stretch have small balls but that can't be said for yours set. Can't wait to find some rings to fit mine into. Such a great cock and balls. I love rings as well and must get some stainless ones. I just came watching your video! Thanks. Keep on watching this and never fails to impress, thanks. I am still having trouble getting my balss through a 2" o ring. So sexy, I must try doing the same. Adore your ring behind your lovely circumcised helmet, looks so good.