Balls Hanging

Get over here and start sucking my smooth hanging balls.

That's why I shave the tackle and wax the rest! You didn't trim him short first?

While back - this beauty i dated went to a slightly crazy esthetician, & she wanted "her man" (me) to watch.It certainly made fucking more interesting when SHE joined us later. My girl said she had been asking about me after having seen me drop her off for an appt. My girl then noted "i just KNEW you'd be UP for it". Known by your desires! Haha. Funny I was just thinking about doing this to my elf today. But i`m to afriad of the pain and the itchiness Thanks for posting this funny Video. Funny as shit. You can see his balls tensing up after the first one expecting the pain! Maybe I'll try this one day. Love this one! Every man should have to go through this at least once. He took it like a real trooper! YeeeeeHAAAH! Dude, just be glad you didn't hand her a straight razor! No telling what she would have done!